YOU ARE NOT HERE / VR Installation and NFT drop

The VR Show was created in collaboration with 3D artist Magnus Grønningen and  exhibited at Sorgenfri in Oslo during October 2022.

“As an artist Ilike to embrace new media through which I can present and see my work. I’m fascinated by the psychological aspect ofbeing inside a VR-room, it’s like a double reality, where are you really, andwhat environment are you interfering with”

The exhibition “I Am Not Here” was first held inthe gallery space in SORGENFRI, where the VR experience was based upon theactual architecture of the space. Giving a surreal and paradox sense of the gallery room. Theworks create a new connection between existing elements,a statement on the digital art revolution.

“I like the idea of Escapism in today’s world fullof injustice and negative energy. Escapis is not the same asavoidance. I’m thinking of something hopeful and playful, like Alice inWonderland. She didn’t leave the real world, but she created her own, parallelto the one she already knew. “I Am Not Here” refers to the same idea. I havealways been creating new worlds inside my head. VR to me, is a way I can invite viewersinto this created universe and connect with an audience I may not be ableto reach otherwise.” 

The installation has a surreal quality that bring a weightlessness to the heavy reality of everyday life. The light pencil mixed with a darker and more absurd touch ofpaint and layering combined with the VR enhances this idea. I enjoy taking subject matter outof context capturing that strange spacebetween virtual and real worlds and inner andouter identities.

Isachsen has,as often seen in her previous work, her starting point in surrealism.

“Surreal work brings a weightlessness to the heavyreality of everyday life by tapping into the escapist qualities». 

Her light andillustrative pencil mixed with a darker and more absurd touch of paint andlayering combined with the VR enchants this idea.

The VR experience was based upon the actual architecture of the space at SORGENFRI. 

When you touch the wall in VR you also touch the actual wall in the room.

It was a captivating experience to witness the audience indulging in the virtual reality encounter.

The art pieces showcased within the VR platform can also be experienced as Fine Art prints.


The VR space features a cutting-edge technology on its floor, housing hotspots that trigger 3D animations upon physical contact. Additionally, the artwork exhibited in the space can be interacted with through touch manipulation, allowing for a heightened sensory experience.

Heat Climbs The Body 

The debut art book titled "Heat Climbs the Body" by Tine Isachsen showcases a carefully curated selection of her works from 2015 to 2021. This is a special edition book, with a print run of only 100 copies.

Heat Climbs the Body  explores the duality between darkness andinexplicable beauty and was relesad at Sorgenfri Oslo, October 2021

An exclusive 'dark' soundtrack accompanies the release, composed by Italian sound artist Omar Contri which can be downloaded by a QR code in the book" 

Press release SHOWStudio

Heat Climbs The Body
Size: 220 x 280 mm
Pages: 134
Paper: Magno Natural 140 gram
Edition: 100 (Signed and numbered)
Fabric Hardcover, sewn-binding and foil stamped

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