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Tine Isachsen - Heat Climbs the body

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Artbook by Tine Isachsen

"Heat Climbs the Body is the latest book of artist, illustrator and SHOWstudio contributor Tine Isachsen, featuring a compiled list of selected works from 2015 – 2021 that showcase Isachsen's love for sensuality and tactility.

Heat Climbs the Body explores the duality between darkness and inexplicable beauty. Her paintings, raw in style and emotive in tone, uncover the endless love Isachsen holds for the physicality of print, the process of painting and passion for making sensual artworks. Accompanying the book's release is also a 'dark' soundtrack, composed by Italian sound artist Omar Contri which can be downloaded by QR code in the book"  Read more at  ShowStudio 

Interview with Ambimag

Size: 220 x 280 mm

Pages: 134

Paper: Magno Natural 140 gram

Edition: 100 (Signed and numbered)

Format: Fabric Hardcover, sewn-binding, foil stamped

Language: English

Book Design: Tine Isachsen

Soundtrack: Omar Contri

Printing: Livonia Print, Latvia

Publisher: Fusch forlag

Pub Year: 2021 (first edition)

ISBN: 978-82-303-5186-4

Produced with financial support from Grafill, Norway

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